Just salads with no fuss–carroll gardens adventures with Tammi and Ariana

Yesterday we hopped over to see good friend and new mama Tammi and her sweet girl Ariana. This early spring weather which goes back and forth from arctic to teasingly warm decided to cooperate and it was just perfect.

We played in what is one of my favorite nursery’s of all time, (hint hint, Tam you should totally submit it to a number of blogs 😉 ) Luca standing guard while Penn “read” his book.


To see Tammi and Ariana reminds me of those early months where the days run together and you’re running on maybe 2 hours sleep and everything seems a little fuzzy but somehow you make it through. You’re just too exhausted to talk about it almost when someone asks “how the baby sleeping” or “is he a good baby” (i’ve never really understood that last one…what is a BAD baby?) so you tell them what they want to hear, “everything is great!” and you try to move along, because PEOPLE when you’re out with your NEWBORN, you obviously have places to be.

We ran a quick errand, and headed off to lunch. Both Penn and Ariana, just little angels and both us mamas managed to eat our salads without too much fuss.


Just a perfect little afternoon before I had to get home and finish cleaning up the nail polish that Penn got into and spilled everywhere (you turn around for one second I swear…) and of COURSE it was hot pink. OF COURSE.

Thanks Tam and Ariana we can’t wait to see you again next week!


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