Oh the Joy: Having a car in Brooklyn.

Goal: Move Car

Wrangle dog, put on harness. Wrangle baby, put on coat, booties, hat, and get bag with diapers etc.

Put baby in Ergo, strap baby in, put my coat on.

Grab dog, baby, bag and head to car.

Walk carefully behind dog while she signals for over 5 blocks that she may need to go to the bathroom.

FINALLY she goes. Pick it up, and bag it carefully squatting using knees as to not lean and squish babe.

No trash cans for another block and we are at car (of course).

Decide to put poop bag in the floor board of passenger side of car.

Straighten out turned in mirror.

Take of my coat, unhook babe, strap in babe in the carseat.

Shove dog in the car.

Grab coat, unlock club, and start car.

Carefully wait for car to warm up for 5 minutes, disengage parking brake and begin parking space search.

Get lucky and move car only 5 spaces to opposite side of street, and repeat entire process in reverse.


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