My last day (8/23)

Note: obviously this is a bit delayed. I wrote this a while ago then debated about posting but in the end it felt important to document.

I pulled the trigger, its official. Today is technically my last day the advertising gig I’ve held for the last 4+ years. And though I haven’t worked there since the day I went into labor back in May, something stings just a bit today.

A lot influenced my decision. As many of you know, my Dad stayed home with myself and my 2 sisters. He was a real trailblazer for stay at home Dads. It was unbelievable. We got to do so many great things, learn SO SO much, and I LOVED it. Lunchtime he would whip up perfectly cut pb&j’s, orange slices, and then we’d play the prezel game. He’d break the mini pretzels into pieces and make letters and words from them. I got to guess what they were, and if I got it right…I got to EAT IT. To a 4yr old, let me tell you this is awesome! And it was. On Fridays around 3-4pm we’d clean the house before my mom got home. He would crack up a killer jam

and we’d all have our jobs and we’d run around dancing and cleaning. We thought this was SO MUCH FUN. So I had a great experience in the early years.

On the other side, I loved the people I worked with. I was good at my job, and who dosen’t like being good at something? I’d worked pretty hard to get where I was. Leaving my teeny tiny rural town in southwestern VA to move to NYC with nothing to my name, scrapping through the agency ranks. This had been my life for the last 8 yrs. The thought of stepping away was a daunting to say the least.

Then 5/31 happened. Penn has changed everything, as babies tend to do. From the moment he came into this world my heart just aches for him constantly. I’m not going to wax on about how obsessed I am with this sweet baby of mine. There are just no words.

But its not all rainbows and sunshine. Its by far the hardest job I’ve ever had. Yup, this tops slinging burgers all day at McD’s, forklifting, boxing and shipping at the warehouse in 100+ degree heat, even the mind numbing assembly line work I did at Elizabeth Arden factory.

But this new life of mine is perfect as perfect could be. And though saying goodbye to the job I once called mine for the last few years stings I know this is the right decision for me. (obviously this is not about working vs stay at home moms. No judgement here, just what we have decided was best for our family, and I realize just how lucky I am and how many Moms out there want to but can’t and I am so thankful.)

So while I’m letting go of a job I’d grown to love, that I did well. I LOVE my new job, and am good at this one too.


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