Penn’s Arrival. A Guest Post by Kevin

I’ll save the details of Penn’s birth for another time, a face-to-face or phone call perhaps. Suffice it to say the experience, which should be of no surprise to those who have undergone it themselves, was full of emotion, frustration, magic and exhaustion. When I wasn’t marveling at Christie’s strength and determination, grace, grit and poise, I was taking pictures on my iPhone.

There were so many pictures taken in just the first few days of Penn’s life (I shudder to think how many I’ll take of him throughout the years), that I decided the most valuable experience for you would be to view a culled-down list. So what you’ll see below is a curated selection of those shots: of mother, child, father and a guest or two, that exemplify the most evocative of the nights in the hospital (there were three), and the few days that followed. I hope you get the feeling.

And say hi to our beautiful little boy.

Love, The Fam