36 week update

Total weight gain: 17lbs
Maternity clothes? Broke down and bought a few more maxi dresses! I can wear them post prego, obvs. Plus I haven’t done any real shopping lately and all the cute spring stuff out was KILLING me. I see all of these cute girls in their sorbet colored jeans and little tanks…. Anyways, it was good to pick up a few new pieces and I’ve already worn one this week and the diff it made in my mood was beyond worth it. Yay for new purchos.
Stretch marks? Praying I can keep them away for just a few more weeks…..Frosting my bumpcake like WHOA, every chance I get.
Sleep: Still not really sleeping, but now that I’m 36 weeks really TRYING HARD to stay on my left side to keep the baby in the right position and open up my pelvis for labor. Even with the pain and numbness I get, I can make it a few hours before having to flip back to the right side for say 20 minutes of relief.
Best moment this week: Its been baby focused this week, lots of DR’s appts, a 4.5 hour child birth class, and our 36 week Doula meeting. Its definitely getting Kev and I in baby mode and we are fantasizing about having this little guy home with us soon….so exciting! Oh, and had my Group B strep test. NEGATIVE–yipppeee!
Miss Anything? Glass is half full this week people.
Movement: He’s super low, my doctor could feel his head!!! He’s dropped and in my pelvis which has made walking and getting around more and less comfortable at the same time. More, in that he’s not up in my ribs anymore which is nice. I CAN BREATHE! But now he’s RIGHT on my cervix it feels like, I get shooting sharp pains there when I walk and do stairs etc.
Food cravings: More of the same, GRAPEFRUIT till the end! Also adding on, blueberries and watermelon.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nah.
Gender: boy
Labor Signs:
I actually get to update this section now! YIPPPEEE! Ok, so as I mentioned at my appt DR could feel his head, and confirmed 1cm dilated (doesn’t really mean anything labor wise but its something to report, you can be dilated for weeks and weeks before real labor sets in) Also,  last night I passed part of my mucous plug, (if that’s TMI, sorry peeps!) Again, still could be weeks but its something, it means my body is prepping for baby boy’s exit. This is happening!!! So excited 🙂
Symptoms: More hot flashes, and some swelling. I had to take off my engagement ring (wedding band was OK) the other night when it was SOO hot and humid here.
Belly Button in or out?Still flat and hanging on for dear life. Oh belly button, hang in there little guy!
Wedding rings on or off? on. Took off my engagement ring for one day bc I was swollen, but once the humidly went down so did the swelling.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Cloud 9 and ready for baby!
Looking forward to: Everything, labor, the baby, being home with our new family.


35 week update

Total weight gain: 15lbs
Maternity clothes? Now that I’m in the home stretch, and the weather has gotten a little warmer I’ve been basically just trying to continue to use what I have.  So far not so bad, but definitely haven’t been able to be as fashionable as my old pre-preggers self…which is sad. But lets face it, not going to drop a lotta sckrill ($$$) on some maternity jams when I have a month to go.  Still rubber-banding my pre-preggo pants, rocking dresses and leggings, leggings, leggings.
Stretch marks? Still no, fingers crossed.
Sleep: do I sleep? Yes. But REALLY sleep? No.  That is gone gone gone. Im just too big and too uncomfortable to get into a deep sleep, most of my night is tossing and turning trying to get comfortable.  My pain/numbness by my ribcage when I sleep in my left side is unbearable and kicks in after about 20-30 minutes of sleeping on it.  I try to avoid as much as I can but when my right side is sore I have to switch…and so the cycle continues.
Best moment this week: My husband making me vanilla shakes.(Doctors orders, for real)
Miss Anything? Just being able to move around a little more freely and not feel so completely whalish.
Movement: Now he’s just showing off.  The precision at which he can roundhouse kick my rib at just the right spot to send me into a jump, the timing of his speedbag moves to my vadge.  The boy’s got skills.  Oh but I love touching those little feet as they stretch out and form little peaks in my belly. 
Food cravings: Still grapefruit, and lemonade.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nah.
Gender: boy
Labor Signs: I had a spell of pre-term labor last week that lasted the better part of the day.  Braxton hicks are in FULL effect, (toni braxtons, as my sister calls em) and anytime I huff it up the subway steps or around the neighborhood I get some sharp pains. 
Symptoms: Ok, newest symptom this week.  HOT FLASHES! And when I mean HOT, I am not kidding.  I’ve had about 5 spells of these since Monday and let me tell you it is intense.  I was in a meeting and all of the sudden I felt it coming on.  A wave of intense heat, I thought I was going to pass out. I could feel my face get HOT, my ears were burning and my whole body just wanted to dive into an icy bath.  After about 5 minutes I could feel it starting to subside but the obvious physical effects are no fun, and embarrassing I might add.

Swelling:  I know I have been VERY lucky, but let me tell you I am not immune from the pregnant swell.  Working late and running around has caused my feet to swell to Shallow Hal girlfriend status. My poor cankles.  CANKLES people.  If I’m lucky I can get Kev to give them a much needed rub, otherwise I just plop into bed and elevate and hope for the best in the morning.  Lucikly everything is as normal as can be come dawn, (so far).
Belly Button in or out? in, flat as a pancake. Jury is still out on whether or not it will pop out before D-Day. .
Wedding rings on or off? on.  Again there have been a few times when I go to take my engagement ring off at night and its been a little snug but in the morning it slides back on easily.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty happy, though a little uncomfortable.
Looking forward to:  it almost being time!