I made it.  First post and I’m off.  Lets see where this takes us, but right now we can just start at the beginning.  On the left is me, Christie.  And on the right well that’s my better half Kevin–the love of my life, my husband, my very best friend.  And that cute little furry butt and tail in the bottom right hand corner, well that’s little Rosie, our beloved Cavalier King Charles.  You’ll hear plenty about here throughout this thing, I promise. We got married last year in September, it was by far the most perfect day of my life so far 🙂 The three of us live in Brooklyn, love to travel, kill it in the kitchen, and are pretty much obsessed with all things stylish and beautiful whether it be writing, a sunset, the perfect pair of cognac dress shoes (Kevs), or just the right shade of electric pink lipstick (Me).  This will be home to all things as such and lots in between. So now that we’re done with the introductions we can just get started :).

Photo by: Mel & Co