Just salads with no fuss–carroll gardens adventures with Tammi and Ariana

Yesterday we hopped over to see good friend and new mama Tammi and her sweet girl Ariana. This early spring weather which goes back and forth from arctic to teasingly warm decided to cooperate and it was just perfect.

We played in what is one of my favorite nursery’s of all time, (hint hint, Tam you should totally submit it to a number of blogs 😉 ) Luca standing guard while Penn “read” his book.


To see Tammi and Ariana reminds me of those early months where the days run together and you’re running on maybe 2 hours sleep and everything seems a little fuzzy but somehow you make it through. You’re just too exhausted to talk about it almost when someone asks “how the baby sleeping” or “is he a good baby” (i’ve never really understood that last one…what is a BAD baby?) so you tell them what they want to hear, “everything is great!” and you try to move along, because PEOPLE when you’re out with your NEWBORN, you obviously have places to be.

We ran a quick errand, and headed off to lunch. Both Penn and Ariana, just little angels and both us mamas managed to eat our salads without too much fuss.


Just a perfect little afternoon before I had to get home and finish cleaning up the nail polish that Penn got into and spilled everywhere (you turn around for one second I swear…) and of COURSE it was hot pink. OF COURSE.

Thanks Tam and Ariana we can’t wait to see you again next week!



Kev stole me away this past Sunday. Our friend Jen graciously offered to watch our little guy, and I stepped out with an outfit that required no trap doors or secret contraption to nurse in. Hooray!

We held hands all the way there, just the two of us. It was special.

Brunch at vinegar hill house, with a celeb siting for dessert (Ann Hathaway).

We’ve only gone out the two of us a handful of times since Penn has been born so these moments are to be relished in and treasured.

The coffee was strong, the sun was shining and my heart was full.


Oh the Joy: Having a car in Brooklyn.

Goal: Move Car

Wrangle dog, put on harness. Wrangle baby, put on coat, booties, hat, and get bag with diapers etc.

Put baby in Ergo, strap baby in, put my coat on.

Grab dog, baby, bag and head to car.

Walk carefully behind dog while she signals for over 5 blocks that she may need to go to the bathroom.

FINALLY she goes. Pick it up, and bag it carefully squatting using knees as to not lean and squish babe.

No trash cans for another block and we are at car (of course).

Decide to put poop bag in the floor board of passenger side of car.

Straighten out turned in mirror.

Take of my coat, unhook babe, strap in babe in the carseat.

Shove dog in the car.

Grab coat, unlock club, and start car.

Carefully wait for car to warm up for 5 minutes, disengage parking brake and begin parking space search.

Get lucky and move car only 5 spaces to opposite side of street, and repeat entire process in reverse.

My last day (8/23)

Note: obviously this is a bit delayed. I wrote this a while ago then debated about posting but in the end it felt important to document.

I pulled the trigger, its official. Today is technically my last day the advertising gig I’ve held for the last 4+ years. And though I haven’t worked there since the day I went into labor back in May, something stings just a bit today.

A lot influenced my decision. As many of you know, my Dad stayed home with myself and my 2 sisters. He was a real trailblazer for stay at home Dads. It was unbelievable. We got to do so many great things, learn SO SO much, and I LOVED it. Lunchtime he would whip up perfectly cut pb&j’s, orange slices, and then we’d play the prezel game. He’d break the mini pretzels into pieces and make letters and words from them. I got to guess what they were, and if I got it right…I got to EAT IT. To a 4yr old, let me tell you this is awesome! And it was. On Fridays around 3-4pm we’d clean the house before my mom got home. He would crack up a killer jam

and we’d all have our jobs and we’d run around dancing and cleaning. We thought this was SO MUCH FUN. So I had a great experience in the early years.

On the other side, I loved the people I worked with. I was good at my job, and who dosen’t like being good at something? I’d worked pretty hard to get where I was. Leaving my teeny tiny rural town in southwestern VA to move to NYC with nothing to my name, scrapping through the agency ranks. This had been my life for the last 8 yrs. The thought of stepping away was a daunting to say the least.

Then 5/31 happened. Penn has changed everything, as babies tend to do. From the moment he came into this world my heart just aches for him constantly. I’m not going to wax on about how obsessed I am with this sweet baby of mine. There are just no words.

But its not all rainbows and sunshine. Its by far the hardest job I’ve ever had. Yup, this tops slinging burgers all day at McD’s, forklifting, boxing and shipping at the warehouse in 100+ degree heat, even the mind numbing assembly line work I did at Elizabeth Arden factory.

But this new life of mine is perfect as perfect could be. And though saying goodbye to the job I once called mine for the last few years stings I know this is the right decision for me. (obviously this is not about working vs stay at home moms. No judgement here, just what we have decided was best for our family, and I realize just how lucky I am and how many Moms out there want to but can’t and I am so thankful.)

So while I’m letting go of a job I’d grown to love, that I did well. I LOVE my new job, and am good at this one too.

Solly Baby wraps!

Check out these amazing new wraps from Solly Baby.

Beautiful lightweight, and come in an array of colors (hello seafoam green!) and even a gorgeous stripe. And YOU KNOW I LOVE A GOOD STRIPE! The best part about these wraps is the fabric, usually these style wraps are a made of jersey and are a heavy especially in the summer heat, but not these.  They are breathable organic bamboo and made in the USA.

See for yourself in this sweet video/commercial featuring the super stylish mama blogger Nicole Callen, and her precious boy Sunny.

Happy babywearing 🙂

Penn’s Arrival. A Guest Post by Kevin

I’ll save the details of Penn’s birth for another time, a face-to-face or phone call perhaps. Suffice it to say the experience, which should be of no surprise to those who have undergone it themselves, was full of emotion, frustration, magic and exhaustion. When I wasn’t marveling at Christie’s strength and determination, grace, grit and poise, I was taking pictures on my iPhone.

There were so many pictures taken in just the first few days of Penn’s life (I shudder to think how many I’ll take of him throughout the years), that I decided the most valuable experience for you would be to view a culled-down list. So what you’ll see below is a curated selection of those shots: of mother, child, father and a guest or two, that exemplify the most evocative of the nights in the hospital (there were three), and the few days that followed. I hope you get the feeling.

And say hi to our beautiful little boy.

Love, The Fam


36 week update

Total weight gain: 17lbs
Maternity clothes? Broke down and bought a few more maxi dresses! I can wear them post prego, obvs. Plus I haven’t done any real shopping lately and all the cute spring stuff out was KILLING me. I see all of these cute girls in their sorbet colored jeans and little tanks…. Anyways, it was good to pick up a few new pieces and I’ve already worn one this week and the diff it made in my mood was beyond worth it. Yay for new purchos.
Stretch marks? Praying I can keep them away for just a few more weeks…..Frosting my bumpcake like WHOA, every chance I get.
Sleep: Still not really sleeping, but now that I’m 36 weeks really TRYING HARD to stay on my left side to keep the baby in the right position and open up my pelvis for labor. Even with the pain and numbness I get, I can make it a few hours before having to flip back to the right side for say 20 minutes of relief.
Best moment this week: Its been baby focused this week, lots of DR’s appts, a 4.5 hour child birth class, and our 36 week Doula meeting. Its definitely getting Kev and I in baby mode and we are fantasizing about having this little guy home with us soon….so exciting! Oh, and had my Group B strep test. NEGATIVE–yipppeee!
Miss Anything? Glass is half full this week people.
Movement: He’s super low, my doctor could feel his head!!! He’s dropped and in my pelvis which has made walking and getting around more and less comfortable at the same time. More, in that he’s not up in my ribs anymore which is nice. I CAN BREATHE! But now he’s RIGHT on my cervix it feels like, I get shooting sharp pains there when I walk and do stairs etc.
Food cravings: More of the same, GRAPEFRUIT till the end! Also adding on, blueberries and watermelon.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nah.
Gender: boy
Labor Signs:
I actually get to update this section now! YIPPPEEE! Ok, so as I mentioned at my appt DR could feel his head, and confirmed 1cm dilated (doesn’t really mean anything labor wise but its something to report, you can be dilated for weeks and weeks before real labor sets in) Also,  last night I passed part of my mucous plug, (if that’s TMI, sorry peeps!) Again, still could be weeks but its something, it means my body is prepping for baby boy’s exit. This is happening!!! So excited 🙂
Symptoms: More hot flashes, and some swelling. I had to take off my engagement ring (wedding band was OK) the other night when it was SOO hot and humid here.
Belly Button in or out?Still flat and hanging on for dear life. Oh belly button, hang in there little guy!
Wedding rings on or off? on. Took off my engagement ring for one day bc I was swollen, but once the humidly went down so did the swelling.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Cloud 9 and ready for baby!
Looking forward to: Everything, labor, the baby, being home with our new family.